Charter Starter Program

Starting a charter school is a demanding undertaking, but educators, community leaders and others with a vision for improving public education have succeeded in creating great charter schools in Illinois and across the nation. If you have the drive and passion to expand the education options available in your community, we hope you’ll consider charter startup. The time and energy you invest can pay off with incredible dividends for students, families and communities.

If you're thinking of starting a charter school—especially outside of Chicago—INCS can help guide you through the process. The resources listed below are a great place to start, and you can feel free to contact INCS directly to find the right program for you.

Charter Starter Consulting

Charter Starter delivers ongoing support to propel strong design teams forward in the charter school design and application process. We provide expert knowledge, coaching, resources and connections to help teams plan, gain authorization, and open excellent charter schools.  

Illinois Charter Design Institute - November 3, 2014
at the 2014 Illinois Charter Schools Conference!

Learn what it takes to plan and launch an exceptional charter public school in your community.  Join other talented educators and community leaders for an intensive day of interactive workshops with charter experts and a guided Illinois charter public school tour.  You will learn how charter public schools can use their flexibility to create schools that meet the needs of Illinois students and communities in the 21st century as well as the fundamentals of charter school design.

Illinois Charter Design Institute
at the 2014 Illinois Charter Schools Conference
November 3, 2014
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School Design Webinars

Learn more about the Illinois charter school design process through Charter Starter webinars. 

Paving a New Path

Paving a New Path provides practical advice for the key phases of planning a charter school, from exploring the idea of charter school development to submitting a high-quality charter school proposal and preparing to open your school.