More resources

Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE)

ISBE maintains a charter school webpage that includes a complete version of the Illinois charter school law, the current charter school rules and annual reports on Illinois charter schools.  ISBE also provides grants for charter start-up activities (see “Start-Up Funding” above).  Visit the website or contact 217-782-2948 for more information.


IFF  offers loans, workshops and technical assistance.

Loans: IFF makes below-market loans to nonprofit corporations for maintenance and improvements, equipment, facility acquisition or renovation, new construction and, in some cases, for working capital needs and pre-development expenses.

Workshops: Regular workshops are offered throughout the state, which help nonprofits assess their readiness and financing possibilities for real estate development.

Technical Assistance: IFF professionals can provide technical assistance with specific projects or problems you’re facing. Options include both limited free technical assistance, as well as full-scale contracted assistance.

Nonprofit Financial Center (NFC)

NFC serves the community through a variety of financial management resources for nonprofits. The Center provides accounting and advisory services, financial management training opportunities, informational resources, and cash-flow financing for Illinois-based 501(c)(3) public charities.

On the Journey to Open a New School: One Step at a Time

A detailed outline of the steps required to start a new charter school, including an impressive collection of sample documents and resources for laying your school’s organizational groundwork. Published by Travis Consulting, LLC.

US Charter Schools

Formerly operated by the US Department of Education, the site is a national clearinghouse of resources for school development and improvement maintained by the Charter School Leadership Council.

Building Excellent Schools

The Building Excellent Schools Fellowship is a 12-month, full time, comprehensive training program that prepares individuals, organizations, and communities nationally to create academically excellent urban charter schools. All of the schools they support are located in underserved urban settings. They work with people who have clear ideas about demanding and supporting strong academic performance in public schooling, even if schooling is not their specific professional background.