Policy Priorities

The Illinois Network of Charter Schools has a long history of fighting for the charter sector in Springfield, where we can influence lawmakers and education stakeholders.

In 2009, we, along with our advocates and allies, were able to influence Governor Pat Quinn to double the number of charter schools allowed to operate in the state from 60 to 120. In order to make sure that quality charter schools can thrive in Illinois, INCS now advocates for an independent charter school authorizer.

INCS was involved with last year’s initiative which resulted in this report from the Illinois State Board of Education Independent Charter School Authorizer Task Force, and we plan to continue our work toward bringing high quality schools to each child in Illinois.

Illinois’ budget problem of the last few years has been felt in every school district in the state - Chicago Public Schools is no exception. While INCS is sympathetic to the tough decisions which must be made in these hard times, we sincerely believe that balancing the city budget should not be done on the backs of charter schools. Public charter schools in CPS already receive less funding than a traditional public school, but CPS has targeted the charter sector as a place to cut funding further. This is unacceptable. The present figures have charter schools receiving 4% less per pupil than traditional CPS schools.

INCS has been working tirelessly to promote level funding for charter schools as well as to work with the city in order to alleviate some of the facilities funding issues facing charter schools.