About INCS

The Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS) brings together students, parents, educators and administrators who all share a common goal: to improve the quality of public education by promoting and strengthening charter schools throughout the State of Illinois.

There are currently 134 charter public school campuses in the state, serving more than 55,000 Illinois children. 

What We Believe

At INCS, we believe strong charter schools help create a better public school system for everyone. Some of the benefits charter schools deliver include:

  • Student Outcomes
  • Parent and Community Empowerment
  • Innovation

In order to make the most of the benefits charter schools have to offer, we need strong statewide advocacy and support systems that will help charter schools as they work to improve education throughout Illinois. Read more about these benefits.

What We Do

INCS works to strengthen charter schools and the communities they serve in a number of important ways:

Policy Leadership: INCS captures learnings from the charter community that contribute to education reform more broadly.

  • Advocacy: As the voice of charter schools throughout Illinois, INCS guides and informs public policy, advocating for state and district policies that will help charter schools grow and flourish.
  • Existing School Support: INCS provides guidance and services to charter schools to help them learn from experts and each other, solve problems, and achieve their aspirations.
  • New Charter Growth: INCS helps communities and school leaders start up new charter schools across the state.
  • Education: INCS increases public awareness about charter schools, and helps families find the best charter schools to suit their needs.